Goodbye 2016 , Running 2017

Goodbye 2016, We thank you all the friends , all the customers , our parents , our family and our teachers .

Thank you for friends 

When friends gathering , friends are cheers with us . When we are blue , friends are enourage us and tell us "yes, you can " . When we receive the big orders with extrem happy , friends share with us for the joy . Thank you for friends .

Thank you for customers 

Customers are our special friends , we work together , we all want to solve the problem and we all want to make it . We might have some trouble with customers , but customer understand us , and give us the chance to offer again . we very appreciated .  We hope all customers healthy ,happy forever .

Thank you for our parents 

Parents come to our city to have seen us , because we do not many time to go home , we need to work , we need to guaranteen the shipment delivered on time and safe , we need to do a lot of things to make sure all is prepared . we thank you very much for our parents .you bring us the knowleage we never learned . we thank you very very much .

Thank you for our family 

When we work deep night and go back home , our wife/hansband prepare the meal for us . they take care of us very well .  they help us to take care of the kids and help us to take care of the family . we thank you very much .

Goodbye 2016 , there are many people we would like to say "thank you" .

In the new year 2017 , lets work together and make more cooperation with customers .

Come on .guys .