Anti-Aging Ginseng Extract

Ginseng, Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer, is one of the oldest and most beneficial herbs in the world. It is probably the most popular adaptogenic herb used in traditional medicine. Shen-Nung's Pharmacopoeia (A. D. 206-220) rated it the highest and most potent of herbs. People in northern China began using ginseng thousands of years ago. In fact, in 1904, it was suggested that all of the 400 million individuals who lived in China were familiar with and used ginseng to some degree. It was used to restore the yang quality in the body to heal disorders such as tuberculosis, coughs, diabetes, diarrhea, indigestion, nausea, kidney problems, rheumatism, gout, infected sores, insomnia, leprosy, and impotence. It was often used, and is still today, as a tonic to rejuvenate the body after an illness or prolonged stress.

Main Functions:

1. Enhancing immunity and the ability of antivirus and infection;
2. Anti-aging, antifatigue, adjusting cerebral nervous system,
enhancing hematopoietic functio and promoting metabolism;
3. Protecting hematopoietic function of marrow, improving the ability
of hepatic detoxifcatio and promoting restoration of hepatic tissue;
4. Preventing and treating coronary heart disease, climacteric
syndrome, diabetes, anemia, etc;
5. Preventing cancer, activating normal cell and sedation.

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