Icariin ,certified super icariin ,icariin powder wholesales

Icariin ,certified super icariin ,icariin powder wholesales
Product Details


CAS NO.: 489-32-7

Formula: C33H40O15

Molecular Weight:  676.66

Specification: 98%

Test method: HPLC

Product properties: Light Yellow

Place of origin: Shaanxi, China 

Product resource:  Epimedium herb or, as it is known throughout the herbal marketplace "Horny Goat Weed" is a small ground bearing shrub with broad heart shaped leaves that resemble ground ivy. 

Commonly found in Asian medical communities and street side markets, it is often referred as a   "Yang Tonic" producing a warm almost euphoric effect on the body. 

Not much study has been documented and because of recent popularity we can expect more investigation and coverage of this unique botanical. Epimedium is commonly used as an aphrodisiac and assists in relieving sexual dysfunction in both men and women

Application scope: 

●  It is invigorative, tonic and anti-rheumatism.

  It stimulates the production of androgen (sexual) hormones with no found effect on estrogen.

   It has been applied to men suffering from impotence and low sperm count. And has been consumed   by women who suffer from a decreased sexual motivation.

Epimedium extract Icariin formally known as Epimedium extract is a time tested traditional remedy that has been a huge success for centuries throughout parts of Asia and the Mediterranean as a natural aphrodisiac for both men and women. Since then Horny Goat Weed has gained huge recognition and popularity in the Western World, becoming one of the most. This recognition and popularity led to extensive research and development of the extract, thus resulting in vastly improved qualities and purities of Horny Goat Weed extract. When assessing quality and especially purity within Horny Goat Weed extracts(epimedium extract) there is one very specific active ingredient in which the level of beneficial effectiveness can be gauged, this active ingredient is known as icariin and its derivates.


Sexual Enhancement.


Pharmaceutical stuff / Health care / Food additives

Packing & Storage:

Pack in paper-drums and two plastic-bags inside. Net Weight: 25kgs/paper-drum.

1kg-5kgs plastic bag inside with aluminum foil bag outside. Net Weight: 20kgs-25kgs/paper-drum.

Store in a well-closed container away from moisture and light.

Shelf Life:

2 years if sealed and store away from direct sun light.


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