Chicory Extract ,chicory root extract factory

Chicory Extract ,chicory root extract factory
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product name :Chicory Extract inulin 

ingredients 99%

Extract from : inulin distribution in nature is very extensive, some fungi and bacteria also contain inulin, but its main source is a plant. 11 families dicots Asteraceae, Campanulaceae, gentian, etc., and monocots lily, Gramineae very many plants contain inulin. Wherein the Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus) and chicory (Chicory) best suited to the production of inulin as a raw material, they are rich sources of high inulin content, accounted for more than 70% of the dry weight of tubers.

Chemical composition: D- fructofuranose to -1,2- bond of fructose and sucrose dehydration condensation polymerization degree of polysaccharide 32-34.

Properties: white powder

Product specifications: 99%

Analytical Method: UV

[CAS No.]: 9005-80-5

[No.] EINECS: 232-684-3

[Molecular formula]: C228H382O191

[Molecular weight]: 6179.35808000012

Effect :

First, the inulin can lower blood glucose levels, blood sugar levels desalination

1, the blood glucose level drops

Fasting eat or drink inulin inulin concentrate can reduce the blood sugar level immediately. A lot of people in a very short period of time obviously felt lower blood sugar. The following is for 10 days to eat or drink inulin inulin concentrate 6 patients report:

(Note: glucose unit is mg / dl, mean per deciliter in the normal fasting glucose per deciliter glucose-containing 80-100 mg, hypoglycemia is lower than the standard, the standard is higher than high. blood sugar.)

2, reduce the symptoms of diabetes

Before people live to eat chrysanthemum another on time and did not find inulin ** diabetes has a special effect. The person concerned after the investigation found that long-term use chrysanthemum another on the response "so weak phenomenon no", "no feeling of thirst," "reducing the number of toilets on the night of the" "eyes became bright," and so on.

Second, enhance digestion and bowel function, constipation wonders for **

Many people eat inulin clearly felt enhanced gastrointestinal function, stool began to flow. While taking inulin, you can enhance intestinal motility, exhaust smell gas, thus restoring intestinal health, especially for some habitual constipation, intractable constipation have very good control effect.

Third, enhance the metabolism, burns and other injuries quick recovery wounds

Enhanced metabolism, the body feels strong and warming. Especially in the hands and feet warm and. Inulin empty stomach within 30 minutes, even in winter you can clearly feel the body warming and. There is a continuous eating inulin obviously feel the skin becomes smooth, acne and wounds on his face disappeared quickly. Inulin skin inflammation have a good effect.

Fourth, the skin

Inulin research provided by Japan will "skin" show: consumption of inulin have a good effect on the skin. Inulin research pioneer Mr. Nakayama once said, inulin can reduce skin pigment precipitation, whitening and beautifying the skin effect, the skin becomes shiny and delicate brilliance.

People without diabetes drink 50-100 ml per day of inulin solution, three months later, the skin was white. And the original spore pigments and face disappeared clean. For example; Yoshikawa lady looks after eating inulin, he said: "I do not have diabetes, but felt too fat, I started to eat for healthy inulin Inulin my skin changed for the better my skin is very rough before each. after washing with soap and barrier cream or skin felt rough after eating inulin, my skin has improved significantly, and now feel that their skin was smooth and white, no makeup were all very nice. "

Fifth, get rid of eczema Sun Yat-sen\'s daughter suffers from eczema, itches every night can not sleep well. Grasp covered with blood spots. Eat a lot of drugs, hormone secretion is under control. But other side effects appeared. Then think of edible inulin method. Inulin has the effect of cleaning the stomach. Increased gastrointestinal motility, which rid the body of toxins function also increased, eczema is gone.

Six have effects on colorectal cancer

According to the United States reported that inulin ** for colorectal cancer effects. American Studies 10 years ago inulin in special institutions. Japan has a ** chrysanthemum patients taking another on stage, physical recovery cases quickly.

Seven, improved vascular disorder

Inulin to improve vascular disorder effect is very significant. There are many reports of inulin lowering blood pressure, lower cholesterol.

Eight, slimming effect

Inulin mainly by adjusting the movement of the stomach, promote the absorption of vitamins and trace elements, so healthy, energetic, which in turn promote the consumption of energy in the body to achieve weight loss goals. On the other hand, after ingestion of inulin dips in blood glucose does not rise, the kidneys can not secrete insulin, insulin-secretion, glucose, etc. will not be stored in the cells, so the body will not get fat. On this basis, appropriate to do some fat burning portion of the Games, to achieve weight-loss purposes.

Nine, protection of liver function

Tests showed that let a 69-year-old elderly patients suffering from cirrhosis of the daily intake of 10 grams of inulin oligosaccharides, about five days after the symptoms of hepatic coma and constipation have been alleviated.

Ten, low energy or no energy

Inulin oligosaccharides difficult or not digested and absorbed by the body, the energy provided by the low value or no, it can play a role in the low-energy foods, and satisfy those who love sweets and worry about fat requirements, but also for people with diabetes, obese patients and patients with low blood sugar consumption.

XI, rapid promotion within the intestinal bifidobacteria

Promoting bifidobacteria in the colon increasing to 40 times the speed of proliferation. Adult daily intake of 10g oligosaccharides inulin, a week after the increase per gram of feces by 20% the number of bifidobacteria. 10g daily intake of inulin oligosaccharides, can reduce 44.6% toxic fermentation products and 40.9% of harmful bacteria produce enzymes within three weeks.


Inulin is increasingly used in processed foods because it has unusually adaptable characteristics. Its flavour ranges from bland to subtly sweet (approx. 10% sweetness of sugar/sucrose). It can be used to replace sugar, fat, and flour. This is advantageous because inulin contains 25-35% of the food energy of carbohydrates (starch, sugar).In addition to being a versatile ingredient, inulin has many health benefits. Inulin increases calcium absorption and possibly magnesium absorption,while promoting the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria.



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