Dried chili ,dried chili factory ,chinese dried chili seeds wholesale

Dried chili ,dried chili factory ,chinese dried chili seeds wholesale
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Dried Chili Pepper

In case you are looking for a reliable destination for Buying Red Chili Pepper,then you have come to the right place.We offer Red Hot Dried Chilli Pepper, Red Hot Dried Chilli Pepper Grade II and Long Chilli Pepper all across the world.The Red Chili Pepper in which we deal is appreciated for its pungent aroma, flavor, taste and texture. Standard packaging is provided to these Red Chili Peppers in order to ensure their quality and freshness. What’s more? We offer Red Chili Peppers at the affordable prices.

Our Offerings

Red Hot Dried Chili Pepper :

Moisture: 9% max, Natural chili with spicy flavor is one of the species of Red Hot Dried Chilli Peppers. It’s very hot, and very attractive in it’s look. It’s unfriendly if come to hotness. It’s the hottest of all the Chilli Peppers. It’s one of the Africans’ seasoning and fermenting flavors. Nigeria is one of the biggest producers of Chilli Pepper in the world.

It’s natural and non GM.

In China, we have about four species of Chili Pepper.

Red Hot Dried Chilli Pepper Grade II :It’s the second species of Chilli Pepper in China. It’s partially dark red in color, and also short in length and a bit bigger than CIE specie. It’s also very hot in Taste.

Long Chili Pepper :

It’s usually red in color, long in length and slightly bigger than the fourth species .



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