Royal jelly is a fairly complex class components bee, which along with honey, breed, age, season, different pollen of plants, other chemical components are different. This product is processed from oilseed rape produced from the northwest plateau of frozen fresh royal jelly after refinement. Rich in a wide variety of proteins, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and a variety of active substances and royal jelly unique special material - royal jelly acid (10-HDA) which not only preserves the fresh royal jelly natural science nutrients, well overcome the discomfort swallowed fresh royal jelly, and easy to take, but also the greatest play of the biological activity of royal jelly, royal jelly presented for the same role in the effect, in fact, the ideal business travel and gifts for friends and relatives natural nutrition.33% crude protein, 10-hydroxy acid 5% Kwai  

Implementation of standards GB / T21532-2008

Usage: orally 2-3 times a day, every 3-4

Storage: at room temperature away from light.

Production Date:

500mg * 180 piece

500mg * 80 piece